In order to offer our customers complete solutions of equipment under the above categories for any kind of vessel, large or small, Brimrun also supplies equipment from a few other first-class manufacturers; Cassen & Plath magnetic compasses, Anschutz gyro compasses, David Clark wireless communications, KNS TV reception systems, Maxsea Time Zero navigation software, Marport trawl monitoring equipment and McMurdo emergency equipment. Other systems we offer include a Camera System, FM System, TV and Entertainment System, Ethernet System, Telephone System, Paging System and more.

Brimrun has been the sole supplier of the above equipment and systems to many new Icelandic vessels built in shipyards overseas, including Chile, China, Denmark, Norway, Poland and Turkey. With the equipment, we deliver comprehensive manuals which include detailed technical descriptions of all the equipment and systems, cable plans and interconnections diagrams for easy reference and installation by the shipyards. In order to make the installation and integration of the various systems even more simple and effective, some of the equipment is delivered “wall mounted” and pre-interconnected. The yard installs the equipment wall as one unit into the ship’s equipment room. Furthermore, computers, networking and other equipment is delivered rack mounted and pre-interconnected. A video wall system which Brimrun has developed in the year 2016 in cooperation with Mitsubishi, needs a special mentioning. It is an option that replaces all of the monitors that are found in a modern, but conventional bridge of a fishing trawler, possibly over 20 monitors. 

The video wall solution has the following advantages: 

• All pictures and information from all navigational-, fish finding- and other equipment are available on one monitor, i.e. the video wall.
• All monitoring systems of the ships can also be integrated to the video wall (camera system, engine control, fire alarm system etc.).
• All other regular navigational and fish finding monitors will be obsolete.
• The captain and his pilots can customize their preferred scenarios for each working station and they can have as many predefined scenarios as they prefer.
• Easy to change between different scenarios.
• View/scenario of each monitor is controlled by a touch screen display or a keyboard.
• The video wall takes up much less space than many single monitors but it optimizes the information on the space in use.
• The video wall can be customized for each user and even for the type of use, like: Trawling, Sailing, Purse seine etc. 

As the video wall configuration is IP based there is basically no limit for how many workstations can be connected to the system. There could be workstations all around the ship and also shore based connection for monitoring and surveillance. Brimrun´s customers in Iceland have expressed keen interest in the video wall and already (March 2017) several installations are planned, both for new buildings and renovation.