Naust Marine was founded in 1993. The company's goal is to develop, produce and market equipment for ships and the marine industry. The main product has always been the ATW system (Automatic Trawl Winch) for electrical winches and it has been in development since 1979. In the more recent years Naust Marine started to design and build electrical winches with great success, resulting in a complete solution for electrical winches and controls. 

Other well-known systems developed by Naust Marine are the AutoGen, a power management system for controlling automatic load sharing of generators and ESG Electrical Spooling gear, with the main purpose of ensuring good reeling at all times in all conditions. 

Naust Marine has an impressive reference list of domestic and international ships that have the ATW system on board, as well as electrical winches designed and manufactured by Naust Marine. Growing number of ship owners are realizing the advantages of electrical winches over hydraulic powered ones and our aim is to hold on to our position as the number one supplier of electrical winches.