Processing Solution to fit the needs. 

Skaginn 3X is a leader in designing, building and installing onboard solutions that maximize profit out of the catch. Solutions used are depending on the species and processing throughput each time. To name some examples some vessels are equipped both with high throughput graders that need no manual infeed others with individual size and specie grading based on vision technology. Further to this Skaginn 3X has for a long time been a leader in, bleeding trimming, processing and packing lines. 

Freezing Technology.

Skaginn 3X automatic plate freezer is a state of the art freezer, ideal for bulk production of small as well as big packs with premium quality. The plate freezer is specially designed for on-board conditions and to maximize product quality by using patented non-pressure technology which ensures quality equal to that of blast freezing. The plate freezer requires only a quarter of freezing time and energy compared to traditional blast freezer.

The plate freezers are fully automatic and is designed to be loaded on a short time scale with high efficiency and can be placed as an integrated part of a processing line. The freezer requires minimized manual labor and can run up to 10 days before defrosting. Automated Palletizing. The Skaginn 3X solution consider different level of automation, for high capacity plants palletizing on the processing deck can be automated with final products delivered on pallets down to the fish hold. 

Strong References.

Skaginn 3X has been a pioneer in increasing the value of end products as well as minimizing the cost of processing. Skaginn 3X has an extensive reference list of projects done for the onboard industry. One of the latest examples of increased automation and product quality is in the fleet of Icelandic based Grandi, that recently got the first automatic fish hold system delivered. System Integration.

In addition to own equipment Skaginn 3X has as a complete processing integrator taking care of installing and managing installation of 3rd party equipment anything from de-heading, filleting as well as complete fish meal plants etc.