Far East opens its doors


October turned out to be very rich in travels for Knarr. Jonas Tryggvason, the general director of Knarr Rus, took part in the XIV Internation Fishery Congress 2019 which was held in Vladivostok. The theme of the fishery congress this year was “Fish Industry 2020: An Image of the Future.”

There were also three sessions. The first one was “Technical modernization of the fishing industry: trend, innovations, world experience”.

The second session – “Export of fish products: new opportunities”. The development of international trade is among the national projects announced by President Vladimir Putin. How to fulfill the tasks to increase the return on fish exports, what marketing opportunities to use and what administrative barriers need to be removed was discussed at the meeting.

The third session was “Aquaculture: Creating the Environment for Sustainable Growth.” The meeting participants discussed variouss issues of the development of the industry: technology, regulatory framework, insurance.