Knarr is hiring mechatronics engineers

COMPANY: KNARR isan Icelandic Maritime Consortium, consisting of six major technology solutionproviders building on decades of experience in the Icelandic Fishing Sector.


VACANCY: MechatronicsEngineer


LOCATION: Vladivostok,Moscow


The main hub is in Vladivostok in Russia Far East. Most of the actualwork will be on different customer sites and or factory locations wheremachinery is being built and tested before shipping.



·      Installation of machinery and total processing lines

·      Fault finding and repair of mechanical, electrical and PLC controlsoftware faults in machinery and systems



·      Act as a member of a larger installation crew;

·      Install small systems or machinery;

·      Fault finding and repairing broken machinery or system automation parts;

·      Ability to follow technically complicated instructions;

·      Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic fitting, wiring and assembly;

·      Ability to work on stainless steel Sheetmetal e.g. weld with TIG gaswelders;

·      Find solutions to unexpected problems;

·      Active feedback to suppliers of machinery to improve future deliveries;

·      Communicate with the verbal update and informal e-mail, the status, andprogress.



·      Mechatronic Engineering or any combination of both electrical andmechanical education (E.g. an electrician who has studied mechanicalengineering or vice versa);

·      Experience of working in or serving Fish Processing strongly proffered;

·      Knowledge of industrial automation;

·      Fluent in Russian and English, written and verbal;

·      Driver’s license mandatory;

·      Able to undertake regular frequent travel by road including theovernight and extended stay in remote areas;

·      Ability to travel locally and internationally as required;

·      Needs to be able to adapt to different working hours;

·      No criminal record;

·      Able to work in an international team.



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