Designed by Iceland's leading companies, from stern to stem.
Focus on automation and efficiency on board.
Vast experience of large and complex projects.
Improved energy efficiency and increased security.
Bulbous bow concept improves endurance in rough seas.

Knarr Maritime Consortium is a joint Marketing Umbrella for the member companies. Our objective is to join forces in our efforts to market our vast experience, innovations and solutions globally.

Together we can offer our potential customers excellent, tailor made, vessel designs and proposals on a comprehensive set of key solution elements into the design. Our member companies offer wide selection of solutions, including, refrigeration, cooling and freezing solutions, processing for fresh- and freezer vessels, leading winch and crane equipment and highly integrated wheelhouse and fish finding solutions.

We at Knarr have decades of experience from the projects that we have both worked on together and individually. Moreover, we have drawn from the massive innovation and investments made by the Icelandic fishing industry as a whole - were we have worked together in the past we have been very fortunate and successful - hence our joint market approach for the benefit of our future customers.

ships and on-board solutions